Die Katzenpfote

"Die Katzenpfote" (Cats Paw) is a little three part piece from the Glogauer Liederbuch (1480), that is realy difficult to play for it's highly complicated rhythm. Try it Yourself. A lot of musicians became crasy about it. Here is the midi-file.
If You want to hear it played by a tenor-recorder, alto-krummhorn and tenor-dulcian, click here: Katzenpfote. You'll hear a life recording as MP3-file(1.15MB). An eight-foot consort plays a cancona of Claudio Merulo.

If You want to hear recorders with other historical instruments, klick here: Orlando di Lasso: Gloria from missa Vinum Bonum. You'll hear a MP3-file(1.61MB), made by a Software-Sampler. If You are interested in sampling historical instruments like me, I would like hear from You.