You hear at the moment, (if you hear something), from the Glogauer songbook
the notorious piece: The cat paw (and more music) .

Version of 10-10-2004

The Genoese nobleman Vincenzo Giustiniani wrote 1627 in his "Discorso sopra la musica"

...people often played on a recorder-consort.... This practice has come apart from use since it is difficult to keep the instruments in tune.
Well, the care of recorders obviously was a problem also in the 16th century. Today often also experienced recorder-players come to me with instruments, that are in a very bad state.

On this web page You find detailed instructions for the care of your instruments as well as information about the principles of recorder-building.
Please, send an e-mail if there are any questions or suggestions.
With best regards, Klaus Scheele

Portrait Vincenzo Giustiniani (1564 to 1637) was a highly regarded and educated nobleman living in Rome, who, according to own statement, wanted to describe the behave of the people and its alteration. His "Discorso sopra la musica" is the most important source about the Italian music life in the exciting time of the incidence of the monodic style. The document starts with the memory of the musical instruction in his early youth and treats the history of music, innovations in the instrument-building and playing until year of publication 1628