Every recorder-player should have some tools for tuning and care of his Instrument. You can see them on the picture together with a perfect recorder.

Werkzeuge, die jeder Flötist besitzen
sollte 1. A wiper with an eye for inserting a piece of cotton for wiping an oiling. (for the oiling another one). A so called recorder-wiper is not usefull because it goes bobbly.
2. A small hammer with a thin handle and an upholstered head for moving the block in and out.
3. abrasive paper of grain 120, 180, 220, 400, 600 in smal strips according to the width of the wind-channel. a strip of wood, curved a little, to lay the abrasive paper over or to wind the steel-wool around.
4. fine steel-wool, z.B.: Marke "Rakso 00" or "000".
5. a small round-file with diameter 2 to 3 mm. for bigger holes You can role a piece of abrasive paper like a pencil.

If You click here, You'll see professional-tools..

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